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This section contains links to various classes that I have taken at Lafayette College. Each link has a brief description of the class and also has information about what I learned.

  • Finance - Contains links to several of the finance courses I have taken in the economics and business department. Each page a brief description of the course, along with what I learned, and some files that demonstrate my knowledge.
  • Mathematics - An integral part of engineering, mathematics is highly stressed as a core part of the curriculum.
  • Engineering - I majored in mechanical engineering and this contains links to several courses where I gained practicable skills.
  • Technology Clinic - This two semester, interdisciplinary course consists of five students from different majors and two professors. The Lafayette College faculty recommends the students. For my two semester project, we consulted with the Bachmann Publick House of Easton, PA and provided them with an unguided audio/video tour that we developed.