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Resume of George Lyons

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George P. Lyons


  • Lafayette College - Easton, Pennsylvania, graduated May 2004.
    Mechanical Engineering Major, Economics and Business Minor, GPA: 3.3.
  • Fordham Preparatory School - Bronx, NY, graduated with General Excellence.

Professional Experience

  • Rabobank International, New York, NY, AVP, Mar 2009- present
    Promoted to help assist with restructuring existing vehicles including RMBS and CDOs for capital relief and enhanced trade execution. Developed a mortgage loan level model for use in creating and internally rated RE-REMICs. The model uses economic inputs, including home price appreciation, to predict mortgage defaults and severities to generate the required inputs for Intex’s cashflow engine. Created an interface in Excel using VBA and C programming to connect to Intex’s database and cashflow engine directly. The model is able to output the expected loss, price/yield table, and implied rating and can be automated for any number of bonds.
  • Rabobank International, New York, NY, Associate, Mar 2006 – Mar 2009
    Team member responsible for the surveillance of $31 billion in assets across 29 Rabobank investment vehicles.  Surveillance includes running cashflow models on Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO) and RMBS securities when assessing risks for specific industries, changes in interest rates, or changes in delinquency rates.  Coordinate with portfolio managers and IT to enhance proprietary CDO/RMBS surveillance system. Joined the Portfolio Management group in June 2007 to assist with purchasing and selling CDOs.
  • Reuters Loan Pricing Corp - New York, NY, Market Analyst, October 2005-present
    Responsible for managing six analysts and five interns in the CDO Group.  The group is primarily responsible for tracking the CDO industry by modeling and standardizing each CDO.  In my first four months in this position, I organized and executed a successful plan to add over 100 new CDOs to our database which exceeded management’s goals.
    Currently on a team working to build a cash flow model for analyzing CDOs in greater detail.
  • Reuters Loan Pricing Corp - New York, NY, Analyst, October 2004-September 2005
    Responsible for tracking 50 Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) on a monthly basis using Access and Excel from monthly surveillance reports.  Managed five interns and coordinated with senior analysts to optimize workflow.  Designed, created, and implemented new methods utilizing VBA programming in Access and Excel to double the production level for the group of seven analysts as a whole.
  • Slattery Skanska - Queens, NY, Field Engineer Intern, Summer 2003
    Inspected newly installed components in the construction of a power plant and supervised a team of steamfitters upon finding errors.
  • J.A. Jones Construction - Queens, NY, Field Engineer Intern, Summer 2002
    Assisted project managers organizing submittal packages, recording meeting minutes, and verifying subcontractors’ daily progress for the construction of a new high school.
  • eStudio - St. John’s University - Queens, NY, Graphic Designer, Summer 2001
    Participated in a summer team to design and create a digitally animated library tutorial for all first year students.
  • GORP.com - Manhattan, NY, Graphic Intern, Summer 2000
    Enhanced photos for web, and designed and created a fully searchable image database.

Relevant Courses

  • Economics and Mathematics - Principles, Micro, Macro, Econometrics, Accounting, Financial Theory, Calculus I, II, III, Differential Equations, Statistics, Probability, and Numerical Applications.
  • Econometrics – developed an accurate multiple-variable regression model for predicting the price change of biotechnology stocks in a one-year period, will be used as an example in future classes.
  • Technology Clinic - Nominated by faculty for team project consulting with the historic Bachmann Publick House, Easton, PA. Developed unguided audio tour using a Pocket PC, implemented May 2004.
  • Human Powered Vehicle - ASME national competition, held at U. of Florida, May 2004. Student team designed and constructed entire vehicle. Placed first in endurance race, second overall.

Leadership Experience

  • Reuters Loan Pricing Corp - Managed seven analysts and five interns on a daily basis.
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Treasurer of Lafayette Student Chapter.

Technical Skills

  • Engineering and Math Programs - AutoCAD, Mathematica, MathCAD, Matlab.
  • Microsoft Office - Access, Excel, FrontPage, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word.
  • Programming - C++, C#, HTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic (for Access, Excel, and Intex).
  • Third Party Financial Software – DBRS CDO Tool Kit, Moody’s CDO ROM, S&P CDO Evaluator, Intex, Bloomberg