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eStudio - St. John's University

Company Description:
The Digital Media Center was created in the Spring of 2001 to help the university create stunning visual presentations for a variety of departments. The first major project was the Information Literacy Tutorial for the Library. The following year the department was later renamed to eStudio and because of its success, more people were added to satisify the increased demand for their services.

My position and responsibilities:
For the summer of 2001, I worked at the Digital Media Center on one large project for the library. It was an in-depth tutorial about how to use the library including how to research various topics, information about citing sources, and other library tools. Working with a team of six, we created this tutorial using Macromedia Flash. It was completed before I finished in August, and all of the Freshman at St. John's used it as a requirement in one of their classes.

Here is a link to the Tutorial that I helped create.