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Company Description:
Since 1926 Slattery-Skanska Inc. has been performing and managing construction services on projects, such as: railway, roadway, bridge, tunnel, environmental and power generation. Through its outstanding record attained by constructing high-quality assignments on schedule and within budget, Slattery Skanska has enjoyed recognition by numerous private and public clients throughout the country.

Construction Site Description:
I worked at a site for a new power generation facility in Ravenswood, Queens. The plant utilizes a combustion turbine generator that outputs 160 Mw, a heat recovery steam generator and a steam turbine generator that will produce 90 Mw. The plant was built on a 2.5-acre parcel of land at the existing Ravenswood Generating Station. The Ravenswood Station currently has a capacity of over 2100 megawatts, about 25% of New York City's electric generating capacity. The new unit will add 12% more generating capacity to the facility.

The new generators produce electric power utilizing state-of-the-art technology that is more efficient than existing generators. The unit uses natural gas as a primary fuel and adheres to the latest stringent environmental standards. Increased efficiency, better technology, use of natural gas and pollution control technologies will combine to result in a plant with very low emission rates.

The scope of work included relocation of existing utilities, site demolition and cleanup, and drilling of caissons for the deep pile foundations, as well as placement of 12,000 cubic yards of concrete foundations. The contract also called for extensive architectural construction, such as erecting 3,800 tons of structural steel and placement of masonry block, acoustical siding, built-up roofing, and associated architectural finishes for the 47,000-square-foot powerhouse building. Additionally, the team installed a 400-foot-tall, reinforced-concrete stack that features an 18-foot interior diameter lined with insulating steel.

A stand-out feature of this project was installation of the 18-cell air cooled condenser. Due to space limitations, the unit is located on the roof of the facility. Because of the additional weight, larger caissons and structural steel components were needed. Slattery was also responsible for erection of the Gas Insulated Substation.

My position and responsibilities:
In the first half of the summer, I worked in materials receiving. For this position I worked with all of the different unions at the site and organized when and where their materials are delivered. When the materials arrived, I photographed them for legal purposes and worked with the unions
to inventory all of the material and ensure that nothing was damaged.

In the second half, I worked closely with the steamfitter's union on the HRSG (heat recovery steam generator) subsystem. This subsystem was near completion and needed to be inspected. I worked on inspecting all of the piping, making sure all of the supports were installed according to the drawings. Whenever I found errors, I supervised a team of steamfitters to correct the problem.